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Wuxi anbishin melting casting equipment co., ltd. was founded in October 2009. The company specializes in providing aluminum alloy melting casting technical services, providing the overall design of aluminum alloy melting casting factory and providing the whole factory equipment solution for the melting casting enterprise. Research and development of special casting equipment; In 2010, the company developed products aluminum bar automatic casting system for the domestic industry initiative, for the domestic many equipment factories to provide casting equipment automation control supporting services, the company all colleagues try their best to aluminum alloy casting production enterprises to provide intelligent, automatic factories. The company has CNC flame cutting machine, CNC machining center, CNC lathe, drilling machine, milling machine and other production and processing equipment, specializing in the production of aluminum alloy casting equipment, product range includes: automatic control regenerative melting furnace; Automatic aluminum bar casting machine; On-line degassing equipment; Horizontal casting mould for aluminum liquid filtration equipment; Aluminum bar homogenizer and other aluminum alloy casting equipment products are directly or indirectly provided to many large aluminum processing enterprises in China; Since 2013, the company has been exporting to foreign markets with independent import and export rights approved by the national organization. Obtained a number of national patents; Professional service only aluminum alloy casting industry.

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