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Product description

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron Nitride Coating is a special coating for non-ferrous metal casting. It has been recognized by the industry for its excellent non-wetting properties for Al, Mg, Zn and Pb and its alloys, for casting spoons, launders, Distribution chute, vertical casting machine refractory parts, filter box, crystallizer, etc. is a perfect high-temperature stripping and lubricant and can effectively prevent the corrosion of corrosive melt, and at the same time with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc The surface of the material where the alloy and its slag are in direct contact provides comprehensive protection.
Boron nitride retains its lubricity and inertness even at extremely high temperatures. The use can prevent adhesion, thereby prolonging the life of the die/mold, improving the surface cleanliness of the product and shortening the production time. Widely used in the fields of melting, casting, stamping, forging and powder metallurgy.

The raw material for the production of boron nitride coatings - hexagonal boron nitride, also known as h-BN, alpha-BN or g-BN (graphitic Bn), is similar in morphology to graphite, sometimes called "white graphite". It is the most commonly used form of boron nitride. Similar to graphite, the hexagonal form is composed of many hexagons.

ALU-STOP LC25 boron nitride coating

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron Nitride Coating

◆ The largest production of boron nitride powder is in China, mainly concentrated in the three northeastern provinces and Shandong, but the production process technology is relatively rough.

◆ The production process of domestic boron nitride powder is relatively simple. Most of the produced powder is primary powder, and the primary powder contains more impurities.

◆ alu-stop boron nitride coating does not directly use the primary powder as raw material. It is sintered, crystallized and modified by primary boron nitride powder to change the characteristics of boron nitride. This technology is the world leader.


Special Note

◆ ALU-STOP LC contains 25% boron nitride

The product packaging is produced by the original German factory and is packaged at the factory.

Open the original package, each barrel is the original package

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Easy to clean

Good lubrication

It does not adhere to the aluminum alloy liquid, protects the melt from impurities and prolongs the service life of the refractory.

Safe, environmentally friendly

Boron nitride coatings are certified by the authority, and normal use will not cause any harm to the human body and the environment.


Easy to dilute, easy to clean, easy to use

The user can dilute the boron nitride coating according to the actual condition of the refractory material, and the operation is simple and cost-effective.

Characteristics of boron nitride coatings

Alu-stop Chemical composition of boron nitride coatings



Ceramic constituent

Boron nitride



Solid content(Boronnitride)

15% or 25%



1800℃(3272°F)(under inert gas)


Application temperature(max.)


1000℃(1832°F)(at air)

Flash point:N/A

Boiling point/boiling range:100℃




Explosive properties:N/A

Melting point/melting range:0℃


Physical and chemical properties of boron nitride coatings

Flash point:N/A

Boiling point/boiling range:100℃




Explosive properties:N/A

Melting point/melting range:0℃


Application of boron nitride coating: flow cell, filter box, casting spoon, adapter plate, crystallizer, riser tube, heater protection sleeve, extruder release agent, all kinds of contact aluminum liquid rotating rotor, impeller, etc. Parts that come into contact with aluminum water, etc.

Boron nitride coatings have excellent non-wetting properties with metal melts such as aluminum, providing comprehensive protection against the surface of materials directly in contact with the melt, perfect against aluminum corrosion, especially for special alloy liquids.


The refractory material coated with boron nitride paint is perfectly separated from the liquid metal and solid metal. The unpainted refractory material will be corroded by the aluminum liquid.

Application of boron nitride coating


◆ Boron nitride coating is an inert inorganic high-temperature lubricating material. It does not bond or wet the molten aluminum liquid. It can completely protect the surface of refractory materials or ceramic containers that are in direct contact with liquid aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy and its slag. The life of the class container. Excellent lubricity and oxidation resistance in high temperature environment, using boron nitride for its physical and chemical properties, maintaining its unique lubricity, non-blocking, anti-slagging, and anti-wear resistance even at extremely high temperatures. Metal or graphite corrosion oxidation. In addition to the protection of various refractory materials, it also has excellent chemical and anti-blocking protection.
◆ Widely painted on the surface of casting casting trough, distribution trough, adapter plate, casing, degassing equipment lining, degassing rotor filter box, casting nozzle, skimmer, ladle, etc. Corrosion resistant and prolong the service life of refractories. At the same time, in the process of re-production, the fine impurities are prevented from infiltrating into the aluminum liquid, causing secondary pollution and greatly improving the product quality.

◆ The first choice for customers with high requirements for casting or casting, and for the production of military-grade products.

ALU-STOP LC25 Boron nitride is an indispensable protective coating for the production of high-quality aluminum alloy products. It can effectively avoid the secondary pollution of aluminum and refractory materials, and can also extend the service life of refractory materials. Many customers have previously considered cost based on cost. I dare not use it, I am not willing to use it.

In fact, the cost of a kilogram of ALU-STOP LC25 diluted boron nitride is slightly insignificant in the product, but the benefits and benefits it can bring are immeasurable.

A number of research institutes and companies around the world have been researching ALU-STOP LC25 boron nitride coatings. Based on Dr. Stephen's positioning and raw materials and processing technology, no one company can match it.

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