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Aluminum bar casting mold

Product details
Product parameters
Production cycle

The traditional manufacturing equipment adjusts the paving speed through the potential, and the carbon brush grinding phenomenon exists in the potentiometer due to the long-term adjustment, which leads to the error of the adjustment speed. During the adjustment, the paving is completely completed by manual operation based on experience. Artificial adjustment of cooling water, because the manual regulation switch position is not accurate, water cannot reach the standard casting cooling effect, our company specializes in aluminum rods made technology research and development of automatic casting system, the development of casting process and the German Siemens PLC touch screen man-machine dialogue, and industrial communication, LED display for casting aluminum alloy grades, aluminum rod diameter size is different, by process control, production process to standardize the whole casting process, make process automation can be fully realized, system can store 120 kinds of alloy casting process, casting process of casting speed, casting length, the casting cooling water, cooling water temperature, The casting temperature and casting weight can be monitored and recorded online in real time. The control process is completely in accordance with the process formula and standardized operation, no longer relying on manual operation. The whole casting process can be completed automatically with only one key.

During the casting process, the casting process can be monitored in real time, and the casting process can also be monitored remotely through the Internet. The tide tracking of the products can be traced through the historical period.

After a long period of practical application, the automatic casting system realizes the standardization operation, and can transmit the casting parameter information to the large screen through the communication protocol.


About aluminum processing casting aluminum bar casting machine

In China, the remelting process of aluminum alloy has undergone earth-shaking changes since 2000, from a big aluminum processing country to a strong aluminum processing country. In this transformation process of medium horizontal hot top casting system played a key role, small investment, simple process, mature technology, low barriers to entry, from 2007 countries set the benchmark for aluminum processing industry admittance threshold, because China's aluminium processing of excess capacity, China electrolytic aluminium enterprises from traditional a00:1450:8006 aluminum ingots to deep processing of aluminum products. Leading to a blank market of aluminum bar manufacturers, the main reasons are as follows:

1. Increased production cost of human resources (the new labor law was promulgated and implemented in 2008, and the national welfare was borne by enterprises)
2. High energy consumption cost (the use of traditional gas is restricted, and natural gas rises again and again)
3. Large burning loss (backward smelting equipment, direct flame combustion)
4. Long capital recovery cycle (bank acceptance market circulation)
5. High transportation cost (limited by region)


Development trend of aluminum processing and casting

1. Equipment automation (reduce labor cost and avoid safety accidents)
2. Equipment transformation and upgrading (the equipment with high energy consumption should be renovated and upgraded quickly to recover thermal energy and make full use of clean energy)
3. Scientific production management (cost saving is faster than profit from price increase)
4. Move forward to high-end products (develop from common alloy rods for building to industrial materials, resist electrolytic aluminum and water rods)
5. Multi-regional and small-scale (convenient supply chain can avoid transportation cost and resource waste)


First, the temperature difference between winter and summer brings errors

Most parts of China in the summer and the winter temperature difference of more than 30 degrees, but the traditional casting equipment unable to identify the environmental phenomena, such as level of the specifications of the casting mould is different also, furnace temperature and can't control the temperature and flow path, casting process of cooling water to adjust by experience, so can't grope a set of absolute mature production technology.


Second, the equipment lag brings bottleneck

In most of China's aluminum processing enterprises is still in the use of traditional casting machine, wire rope as different quality of wire rope, wire rope tensile strength in different process of bending, steel wire rope fracture during the process of casting, casting parameter error, etc., our company engineer for a large domestic aluminum rod processing enterprises have done a technical test, a domestic aluminum rods casting machine, casting enterprise has 10 sets of wire rope are traditional potentiometer control inverter, the inverter control drive motor, the motor through reducer drive roller, drive roller scrolls the rope way, Found in the testing process potentiometer to adjust the speed in the process of casting speed display value and the actual casting error value from 3% to 5%, because the carbon brush type potentiometer due to long-term rotation and surface friction prone to poor contact or error is too large, basically has the phenomenon, each set of frequent leak aluminous liquid during the casting process, casting and dish wait for a phenomenon, but the enterprise engaged in the production task can scientific analysis question, were down again heavy casting, so the loss of the economic loss is not only the enterprise itself, including potential security personnel and social energy waste. It has been proved by practice that PLC output instruction through soft program conversion is not affected by time and environment. It is stable and has no wear in the long term, so as to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data value of casting process parameters.

Company team remelting technology of aluminum alloy and etc, be familiar with the hot top casting equipment and technology, has many years of experience in actual production, in the face of customer demand for development and production of alloy 120 kinds of different alloy nameplate production process, but is not the same as the production equipment, the environment temperature, casting engineer and master's level is different also. How to ensure the consistency of casting products? In order to change this phenomenon, the company began to independently develop automatic casting system for aluminum rods in 2006:

Through continuous efforts, the system has the following characteristics:
System compatibility/full compatibility with traditional wire rope casting machine, direct upgrade
Siemens PLC is equipped with a 15-inch touch screen,ABB low-voltage appliances and mitsubishi inverter
Interface friendly/compatible with the casting process design
The casting process curve/system automatically saves the casting process of each production batch for easy query and tracking
Black box recorder/automatic recording equipment operation process, illegal operation, fault alarm and other information throughout the record
Flow meter electric valve/according to your casting pump configuration of the appropriate flow meter through the electric control valve automatically adjust the cooling water
Casting safety inspection/pre-casting inspection and confirmation process according to site management, manage the inspection and confirmation of auxiliary equipment
Function menu call/function modular operation options, according to your needs to choose extended functions, such as: wellhead lighting, wellhead steam extraction LED large screen display casting information, suitable for the foundry workshop site work needs


No matter what model and specification of your casting machine, domestic or imported! Our system is fully compatible:
New projects or existing casting machines can be upgraded successfully.
Solution: we will replace the original operation cabinet with a complete set of piano operation control cabinet in the shortest time. The original functions of the equipment are many. We will also upgrade your existing casting equipment.
1, add a set of encoders: traditional casting machine detection casting length by proximity switch to detect signals, high speed or bad contact will cause the speed detection is not accurate, keep your original proximity switch function and check with the encoder.
2, new cooling water control system: the traditional casting machine cooling water through the pump pipeline near the transmission to the casting machine, open the valve opening control by artificial cooling water volume size, with a complete set of water supply device is particularly important, can to filter the impurities of the cooling water pipe, through electric regulator to adjust the cooling water flow rate.
3, improve the yield of casting: change the traditional potentiometer regulation mode, memory casting process simulation automatically adjust the casting speed.
4. Process formulation authority management: mature casting process should be mastered by production management personnel to avoid losses caused by operators' mistakes.


Product parameters


Auxiliary function

The main function

Main configuration

Equipment power

Fumace temperature monitoring: yes

Process formulation setting: yes

Control cabinet: homemade

Casting machine: 7.5kw

Aluminum temperature monitoring: yes

Casting speed control: yes

Industrial PLC: Siemens

Hydraulic station: 3KW

Titanium boron wire machine control: yes

Casting length control: yes

Touch screen: WEILUN

Brake station: 0. 6kw

Filter device control: yes

Casting weight measurement: yes

Frequency converter: mitsubish

Cooling fan: O5kw

Wellhead steam control: yes

Cooling water measurement: yes

Circuit breaker: schneider

Lighting: 48W

Wellhead steam control: yes

Cooling water temperature measurement: yes

Contactor: schneide

Electric vale: 200W

Cooling system control: yes

Cooling water pressure measurement: yes

Total power supply: mingwei


Casting machine slow up control: yes

Casting process monitoring: yes

Electric valve: TOYO


Casting machine slow down control: yes

Casting inspection control: yes

Filter. homemade


Casting machine quick control: yes

Device permission control: yes

Pneumatic valve: TOYO


Casting machine quick down control: yes

System parameter setting: yes

Flow meter: HENGXIN


Tit over hydraulic control: yes

Failure alarm record: yes

Floodlight: YAMIN


Casting machine tilting protection: yes

Historical data records: yes

Encoder: TOYO


Casting machine tilting protection: yes

Electrical system monitoring: yes

Industrial LED: homemade




Manual casting mode

1. Large error of casting process parameters?
2, easy to speed, skid caused casting danger
3. Speed adjustment is manually adjusted by potentiometer (by human)
4. Measurement speed length parameters are not accurate
5, casting began to be responsible for casting down
6. Casting parameters cannot be saved and tracked
7. Instrument information is visible only to the operation control cabinet
8, yield product quality time difference is not stable

Automatic casting mode

1. Accurate casting process parameters (actual error value is less than 1mm)
2, PLC control program low speed and high torque prevent skidding
3. Two times of automatic adjustment according to the casting process slope curve (by PLC)
4, accurate measurement, aluminum bar casting weight casting online measurement
5. The casting process is completed automatically according to the process, and no special person is required to be responsible for it
6. Record constantly to facilitate historical tracking and analysis
7. The large screen shows that the on-site personnel always grasp the production dynamic information
8. Standardized production, high yield and stable product quality.


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