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Refining and dusting equipment

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In order to ensure the quality of aluminum liquid products and improve the clarity of aluminum liquid, refining agents are often used in jinzhuang industry to carry out refining and mixing in furnace through emotional gas (chlorine, hydrogen), which has achieved the purpose of gas and slag removal of aluminum liquid. At present, the traditional powder breaking device in China has the advantages of simple structure, low safety level, unstable powder spraying, intermittent and easy to be blocked, which leads to unstable product quality.

Our company has accumulated many years of practical experience in processing and production, and developed the electric powder spraying refining device with its simple structure, convenient operation, adjustable refining agent dosage, controllable and not easy to wall plug, which can effectively maintain the function, so that the equipment can completely meet the customer's furnace refining powder degassing and slag removal effect.

The product process requirements, you can set the automatic shutdown time (for example :15 tons of furnace refining time set to 15 minutes); Users can also set the refining time by themselves according to the proportion of health and waste added in the furnace.

The spray amount of finalizer is stable and the dosage can be adjusted from 0-3 kg/min to 0-5 kg/min according to the actual needs. The toughness is 2-500 ppi refining agent, slag beating agent, magnesium removing agent and other degashing solvents in the furnace.

Simple structure, male protective shell is easy to repair, refining and other bodies with a certain degree of corrosivity, in order to protect the equipment long lake stability line, tank using 304 steel production, has good resistance and corrosion resistance.

The powder pipe is designed according to the fluid body to ensure that there is no stuck powder and no increase of plug, and the gas road adopts quick pull joint, which is convenient for users to maintain ammunition.

Spray powder evenly, not only can ensure the lead liquid refining effect, but also can reduce unnecessary waste saving cost, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, protect the environment.

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